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What Norma's supporters say about her:

Norma's willingness to help others and her commitment to the Program, added to her track record of setting up new Clubs, makes her the right person to be our Lieutenant Governor Marketing.

Dona S. Stanley, DTM, Parliament Hill Toastmasters

Norma continues to personify what I have always admired in a committed Toastmaster leader. It is most commendable to work hard to attain goals of points, pins, ribbons, plaques and medallions that advance the TMI cause. It is yet another, after the ceremonial accolades and applause have subsided, to continue working  to ensure a thriving legacy of success is maintained to serve future generations of Toastmaster members.I believe inspiration more than motivation will ignite the passion in our members to continue this work through altruistic coaching and mentoring. A vote for inspirational leadership, progressive vision and follow-through is a vote for a healthy and thriving District 61 culture and ultimately a vote for Norma Domey. I am honoured to share and support her in her vision for the position of Lt Governor of Marketing and the legacy beyond!

Peter "That Mentorship Guy” Fallnbigl, AC Gold, CL

Professional, friendly, attentive to details, result-oriented describes Norma. Dedication to clubs as Area/Division C Governor. While management 8 bilingual/French clubs, Norma chartered a new club in 9 weeks. As Division Governor, Norma managed 32 clubs. Norma has my vote for LGM!

Brigitte Chan, DTM, Past Area Governor

Norma Domey is a dedicated Toastmaster who walks the talk. Her commitment to the District, our Area Governors, and members is admirable. Norma is a great asset to District 61 and will make an excellent LGM!

Chris Fraser, ATM, Past Division Governor

I received great encouragement from Norma as my Division Governor and learned a lot from this dedicated Toastmaster. She will be an asset to the District as LGM for the coming year.

David Farris, AC-G, Past Area Governor

Norma encouraged me to present a test speech at the Division C Contest she organized. I particularly like the way in which she works with people - quiet, calm and humourous approach. I appreciate her direct relationship with everyone and I know Norma would be an asset as LGM.

Nicole Daze, East Ottawa Toastmasters

I am impressed by Norma's integrity, commitment and energy! She is always smiling and helping others. Norma joined Club Avancé Synergy to continue practising her French in addition to her many Toastmasters activities.

France Vezina, DTM, Past District Governor